CoalValley Kennels originated when my Parents, Roy and Molly got their first Harlequin Great Dane in 1966.  CoalValley Since its inception has been involved  in showing and selectively breeding, Harlequin Great Danes. With time, experience and education we evolved into established, serious breeder-exhibitors of quality well-bred Great Danes. We are fully committed and devoted to this wonderful and unique breed. Our active interest with Great Danes is more than a hobby with us.  It’s a life-style and responsibility we take very seriously. With my parents now retired I have continued the family kennel name. Besides being much-loved family companions, our Great Danes have been very successful in the conformation ring, in obedience competition, and as performance dogs, also couch potatoes.


We strive to breed a sound and healthy Great Dane that adheres to the CKC Great Dane  Breed Standard. At CoalValley we maintain a small local country kennel that take pride in breeding selectively, only producing one to two litters a year. We are members in good standing with the CKC ,  and are involved in breeding,conformation (showing), obedience training. Whether you want a conformation dog, performance dog, or family companion, you will be assured of a quality Great Dane who is a fine example of the breed. We have an “up front” policy about health issues in our line; something you will not find in many other breeders


We take breeding very seriously.  We don’t breed “just to have puppies”.  Each breeding is planned carefully, with an eye to the future.  We strive to do breeding that will compliment both dogs and bring out their good points while diminishing faults. We feel breed type, soundness, temperament and adherence to the breed standard are all crucial concerns in a breeding program. 

Puppies are house-raised in clean “interactive” surroundings.  This is very important, for many reasons.  It is your assurance that puppies have received around-the clock attention, care, and socialisation from people knowledgeable about the breed. We feel the breeder has a responsibility to do as much as they can to prepare puppies for their transition into a new home.  Before they leave our house, they have become familiarised to house noises such as dishwashers, TV sounds and such. We have smaller children as well so we make every attempt to expose the puppies to them. At time of sale, your puppy has had it’s dewclaws removed, had vaccines and worming as appropriate for its age, and has been micro-chipped.  Also, puppies are not cropped prior to sale. We will guarantee a healthy puppy at time of sale for up to two years if anything hereditary is to arise.

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